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Understanding Adolescent Definition According

Understanding Adolescents - Adolescence is a transition period between childhood - childhood and adulthood, which began at the time of sexual maturity, ie between the ages of 11 or 12 years up to 20 years is approaching young adulthood (Soetjiningsih. 2004: 45).

Definition adolescents according to experts - adolescent phase is a segment of people who are very important development, which begins with the maturation of the organ - the physical organs (sex) so as to reproduce (Syamsu Joseph. 2004: 184).

Adolescence is a period of transition from the child - the child to adulthood that includes mental maturity, emotional, social and physical (Hurlock, Elizabeth B. 1999: 206).

Stage - the stage of adolescence
Adolescence is classified into 3 phases:

Pre teen: 12-14 years
Ie the period of approximately less than 2 years before the onset of sexual ripening real but already there is a development-related physiological ripening several endocrine glands.
Early adolescence: 14-17 years
Ie the period in the range of developmental maturity where there is a tool - a tool of sexual and reproductive capacity is reached.
Late adolescence: 17-21 years
Means grew into adults that include mental maturity, emotional, social and physical (Hurlock, Elizabeth B. 1999: 206).

Traits - traits teen
Physical growth
Physical growth changes rapidly, faster than the time the child - the child and adulthood.
Sexual development
Sexual progressing sometimes - sometimes cause problems and be the cause of fights, suicide and so on.
The way of thinking
Causatif way of thinking is regarding causality. For example teenagers sitting in front of the door, then parents forbid it, saying "abstinence". If prohibited the little boy, surely he would obey their parents, but teenagers are banned it would question why he should not be sitting in front of the door.
Emotion - luap
Adolescent emotional state is still unstable because it is closely connected with the state of the hormone. One moment he can be sad, other times he could be angry.
Became interested in the opposite sex
In the adolescent social life, they are more interested in the opposite sex and start dating.
Draw attention to the environment
At this time a teenager began searching for environmental concern, trying to get status and roles such as through youth activities in the village - the village.
Tied with group
Teens interested in social life in the peer group so that it is not uncommon parents under-emphasized while the under-united group
(Zulkifli L. 2003: 65-67).
Understanding Adolescents

Developmental task of adolescence
Obtaining a number of norms - norms and values - values.
Learn social roles according to gender each - each.
Accept the physical reality and can use them effectively and feel satisfied with the situation.
Achieve freedom from dependence on parents and other adults.
Achieving economic freedom.
Prepare to determine an appropriate job with the talent and ability.
Obtain information about marriage and prepare.
Develop intellectual skills and concepts - concepts of social life.
Have a concept - the concept of social behavior that is necessary for social life
(Sofyan S. Willis. 2005: 8-15).

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